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Brain Chamber Polysacks works in various sectors as THE HOP, Agro Textile, Natural Plastics


The Hall of Polymers Pvt. Ltd. is Polymer Company providing various products. The HOP ensures that all its business processes are tailored towards customer focus and satisfaction.

Agro Textile

Agro textile stands for manufacturing 100% HDPE products which are used in industrial, agricultural sectors. We offer verities of products like shade nets, fishing nets, safety nets etc.

Natural Plastics

We aim to manufacture 100% eco friendly plastic products which are bio degradable and save our environment. We offer verities of products like shopping bags, cutleries etc.

Bio Fabric

Bio fabric is fabric derived from sources like, oils, corns or starch those fabrics are also called as reusable fabric or natural fabric. The fabric is degradable in nature. Bio fabric required less energy to produce rather it has more natural benefits. These fabrics are eco friendly and are not hazardous to environment. Recently use of fabric has increased in textile industry, packaging industry and in agricultural field. One of the fabric most commonly use is cotton. It is 100 % pure and natural. Most of the textile industry manufactures cotton, here the cotton can degrade in environment easily and can be reuse.