Agriculture Mulching Films

mulching films

Mulching papers and films are widely used in agriculture, floriculture and in horticulture. The films are manufacture by pp polypropylene granules. Our range of Mulch Film is highly recommended for many fruits and vegetables. Helpful in decreasing weeds and increasing soil temperature, these prevent crops from soil erosion.

Designer Shopping Bags

shopping bags

Now a day’s shopping bags are highly demanded and widely used in day to day life. Designer shopping bags are available in various colors, sizes as per the demand. They are used for carrying food products, clothes and grocery store items. The shopping bags are reusable and eco friendly which save our environment.

Colored Fabric Rolls

fabric rolls

Colored fabric rolls are manufacture by standard pp polypropylene granules raw material. It is ideal for use preparation of cloths for weddings, making tablecloths or table runners, chair coverings, various arts and crafts projects, doll making, weaving, curtains and drapes, book covers, wall coverings, and so much more.